Texas Caviar

Texas Caviar (Black-eyed Pea Salsa or Salad)

Adapted from a recipe I found online.  I changed it enough that I think I made it my own.  If you “Google” Texas Caviar you will find many.  I have adjusted for my own taste.  Traditionally this has black-eyed peas which I do not prefer.

1 can (16 ounces each) red kidney beans
1 cup fresh or frozen (thawed) corn
½ red bell pepper, chopped
½ green bell pepper, chopped
½ large red onion, chopped
1 ½ jalapeños, seeded and chopped
3 roma tomatoes, diced
3 tbsp. minced chipotle pepper (canned in adobo sauce)
1 large clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp. salt (or to taste)
½ tsp. pepper
¼  tsp. sugar
½  tbsp. Tabasco sauce
½ cup apple cider vinegar
Drain and rinse kidney beans. Combine in a large bowl with corn, chopped peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Mix chipotle pepper, vinegar, Tabasco, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper. Pour over salad and stir gently to coat. Refrigerate overnight before serving.

I served this in grilled avocado halves.  It was divine.  To grill avocados, just half the avo, peel, then rub with olive oil and raw garlic.  Grill cut side down on a hot grill over medium heat until crisp, about 2 minutes.  they will be soft on the round side and crispy on the grilled side.  Serve immediately.  (If you have to store, cover with lime juice and store in a dark container (no light) to keep them from browning.  They will not be crisp when serving but they are still delicious).


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