Being Grateful and some Thanksgiving Recipe Links

All sorts of news today that has me thinking about gratitude, the upcoming holidays, health, and the miracle of life.  I have put off work for this afternoon and evening to get a few personal things accomplished and this blog became a part of that quest.  There will probably be a few more blogs as the next few weeks unfold.

This will be my first gluten-free/vegetarian/vegan Thanksgiving and I am patiently compiling recipes to help me make it also my best Thanksgiving.

We host, so I will still be making free-range Turkey that is LOCAL (Roperti’s Turkey Farm in Livonia, MI).  I ordered them today.  One large hen, 22-24 pounds, and an 18 pound smoked hen.  I also get a 7 pound Dearborn Ham (that is a special request every year).  I feel good that it is local and I go to the farm to get them at least.  I won’t eat them, but I will prepare them for my loved ones.

I am still making gravy and will be pulling out my frozen bones from last year in the next week to make my own stock from scratch.  Each year I freeze the bones on Thanksgiving day and seal them well so that I can make my own stock the next year and get as much use out of the bird as possible.  First, I roast all of the bones that I froze raw (neck, wing tips, etc) and then I make a smoked stock and a regular stock.  I use the smoked stock for the stuffing and the regular for the gravy.  Leftovers I usually make soup… but this year I am going to try to make all my soups vegetarian.  It will largely depend on the quantity of stock they produce.  I then re-freeze the stocks for the week of Thanksgiving.  It is a fun project and I feel very “Martha” along the way.

This year I will be making a gluten-free, vegan stuffing in addition to the regular stuffing I make.  I am still in search of that recipe and may just makeup my own.  My mom’s stuffing (sans the broth and butter) is vegetarian, I would just need to use gluten-free bread, Earth Balance, and vegetable stock so it is in the running.  In my spare time I surf for other options.

I will also be making regular mashed potatoes (with dairy), but I plan to add to those a squash recipe of some kind (Considering this one from Gluten-Free Goddess… stuffing, too) and a mashed vegetable (thinking Cauliflower again.. maybe this Book of Yum recipe) that is vegan as well.  I think I am going to also do a small portion of vegan creamed kale.  I have had Whole Food’s version and love it.  I am going to play around with it and see if I can make one that is Soy-Free as well.  I have to be careful, though, as I have a tendancy to make too much food.  I have also been contemplating lightening up my hubby’s favorite Brussels Sprouts with this Brussels Sprouts with Pears (I will have to pre-test this one for husband approval, however).

As I search for my stuffing, kale, and squash recipes, I have also been contemplating a pie.  I saw a Facebook post yesterday from The Spunky Coconut and she was attempting a pumpkin pie.  Well, her blog this morning makes me think it will be my pie for 2010.  It LOOKS delicious!

The Spunky Coconut's Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie!

So… I added this to my list.

In addition to the Thanksgiving fare, I have to find my soups.  Wednesday night, as guests arrive and I am busy with all of the preparations for Thursday, is soup and salad night.  I generally get bread, cold cuts, and condiments out, have a big salad on hand, and two kinds of soup.  I will be doing that this year but in an effort to be “kind” and not have as much stuff to deal with I am only doing soup, salad, and bread.  I want to do a creamy-consistency soup and a clear broth soup.  I was thinking Kale and White Bean for one and possibly a Pureed Roasted Pepper (VitaMix, baby) for the other.  Those searches will happen this weekend.

Guests stay until Sunday, so for Friday night I have planned Stuffed Cabbage from Gluten-Free Goddess and a salad.  Or I have Rips’ Sweet Potato Lasagna with Tempeh that is also a possibility.  I want to make sure I have enough protein to keep my meat eating relatives happy.  Saturday night is leftover night for sure (or we go out.  I am generally exhausted and want nothing to do with the kitchen by then).  It all depends on the crowd and who is still here and who has gone home.  I love it if everyone stays but the dynamics of that is generally another blog post all together.  It’s a lot of mouths to feed for a weekend (7-11 depending on who stays) when you are used to two of you… but I love it and would never have it any other way.

Regardless of the choices I like to pre-plan as much as possible so that I have a relaxing and low-stress week as possible, and my family wants to stay as long as possible.  There is no greater feeling of love in the world than a house full of family and friends.  I cannot wait!



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One Response to Being Grateful and some Thanksgiving Recipe Links

  1. Retired woman says:

    Sounds wonderful and welcoming! A great family time for all, Vegan or not.

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