Where does the time go, exactly?

Where the weekend went, I am not sure.  I got about half of what I planned to accomplished and am trying not to feel bad about the rest.  I have remained on my 30 day cleanse plan without any cheating and have been working on reducing my portion sizes and focusing more on a full feeling rather than over eating just because things are delicious and healthy.  I have been measuring portions and focusing on eating that then waiting 20 minutes to see if I am still hungry before eating more.

I went through my metabolism testing last week and learned that my level 1 range is 107-117 and my level 2 range is 117-125.  I reach and anaerobic state at 134.  So, I am beginning to work on my training to begin to increase my 117 number towards 134 and that is a tough task.  I am so used to just trying to kill it in cardio work that I am having to really focus on the plan and work it.  I can do it with Cardio X but not with Plyo or Kenpo (I am totally anaerobic in Plyo and Kenpo, I guess that will change as I get into better shape).  So I have adjusted this round of P90X to a hybrid so I can really work on this at the same time.  I am doing the lifting and yoga from the X and then doing my treadmill heart-rate work with my cardio coach.  Seems to be a good plan!  In a few months when I try plyo again I may be able to actually keep up!

Anyhow, I know this email thread is more about the food and less about the workouts, so here’s the eating.

#1 my daily water with lemon.  I am really trying to make sure that I have this ready before I go to bed so that I don’t forget it in the AM.  I want to get this into a habit that I continue post cleanse.
#2 breakfasts.  I am playing around with protein options (thanks for all of your suggestions) and how each makes me feel during my workouts.
#3 AM snacks.  I am working this out with breakfasts.  If I have a shake for BF, then I have a food snack, or visaversa
#4 Lunch.  Getting back to salads here so they are a majority raw veggies.  I had gotten away from this and noticed a difference in how I felt and digestion.  I am adding some rice and/or beans just to get the calories up there.
#5 PM snack. This is the one I most commonly miss, I get busy and forget, but I keep soaked almonds around and try to remember.
#6 Dinners:  Salad, baked sweet potato, divine rice wraps, coconut basil stir fry, black bean burritos.  I bought the Engine 5 cook book and have marked a bunch of recipes from there to plan to make in the next few weeks after liking the lasagna so much.  This weekend I will be making two of Missy’s soups for next week and another half batch of lasagna.

This cleanse has helped me fine tune my focus a little more.  Last time it was more about learning to cook/eat without the things I was used to:  yogurt, cheese, meat, gluten.  This time it has been more about being really strict again with the dairy and gluten (just say no to bruschetta EVERYTIME my husband orders it).  But also to focus more on my body and what is happening inside of it.  I have a challenge ahead of me with the holidays coming and I want to have a solid foundation going into our family Thanksgiving and Christmas so when we host the hordes of people that come (We have 60 for Thanksgiving but only 12 for Christmas) I am prepared to offer them the foods they are accustomed to having (with a little healthier flair) while at the same time sticking to my eating plan because it is such an ingrained part of my life.  I think that learning to be more in tune with the way each toxin effects me will help me avoid them even when the temptations are huge!

I’ve been having fun cooking and at farmer’s markets.  Overall this is an easy way to eat when on your own but I am still working out how to plan for dining out or at family and friends.  My parents have made it ultra easy on me but I know there will be a few challenges at the in-laws just because it is so different from how my mother-in-law cooks and I don’t want to offend her.  Fortunately, this is our year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I don’t have to worry about a holiday at their house until December 2011.  Going for a weekend is less intrusive and I can make due without a lot of hooplah!


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