Karma Chow 30 Day Cleanse Day 5

I need some more original blog titles so watch for them to start changing up!

July 16, 2010

  • Brown Rice, EB, Parma
  • Lentil Hummus and Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • Missy’s Split Pea Soup (yum) from my freezer (gotta love healthy freezer meals when you don’t have time to cook!)
  • Leftover salad and a few nuts

Today I woke up again with a headache.  It went away soon after but I think it is from my C1 and I need to focus more on my sleep positions again.  I will work on that.  C1 is the top vertebrae and it floats.  I have had to have it adjusted before and know when it is out of whack.  I usually experience it when I use too much fluff under my head.  Last night I inadvertently slept with two pillows instead of one (I was so tired when I went to bed I didn’t move them as usual).

Based on the Fitness assessment last night I realize just how far I have to go to reach my goals. I spent the next two hours last night in deep and serious thought about what I want from my life health and fitness wise, and why.  I know that my WHY has to be big enough to take things to the next level.  I have come very, very far and have had some very big WHYs.  Getting off of medication is huge.  Wanting to not be winded walking up stairs is big.  Dropping a few dress sizes is nice and gets some good compliments. Now that I am looking and feeling better, getting stronger, and am prescription-free I have lost a few of my WHYs.  Granted, I don’t want to go BACK there (I gain that WHY) but I still really need to re-group.  I have reached the stage where in the past I got comfortable and slowed down.

This weekend is my new WHY weekend.  I have lots of work to do, don’t get me wrong.  It will not be about WHY all weekend, but it is the weekend I come out on the other side with new focus, goals, and a concrete plan to take things to the next level.  A level I have never attained before.  A fitness level I have never had before in my life: measurable fitness.  Things like

  • 30 real push-ups
  • running a 5K
  • VO2 max of 36-37
  • measurably increased strength and flexibility based on my fitness test
  • increased BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) of 2000-2200
  • decreased body fat percentage to around 20%

Hard-core results take real planning and hard-core work.  I am committed to take this to the next level and before I turn 41 be in the best shape of my life.  I am halfway there.  I have 157 days which is 22 weeks to reach my goals.   This is more than possible, it will be done.

Back to food:  I was busy and go off schedule with meals.  I also forgot my shaker and had to skip my shake.  I will make sure I get it in over the weekend.  I am thrilled to have a little down time this weekend, on my own, to work, workout, and sort out exactly how to attack the next month so that I can achieve all of my goals.  Joy!


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One Response to Karma Chow 30 Day Cleanse Day 5

  1. Retired woman says:

    Go, girl! You can achieve what you want.

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