Karma Chow 30 Day Cleanse, Day 2

July 13, 2010

  • brown rice, parma, earth balance
  • Vega protein shake (chocolate) with unsweetened almond milk and peppermint extract (here on out called the Thin Mint Vega Shake)
  • Quinoa with chick peas and grilled zucchini (also green onions, parsley, watercress, lemon juice, veggie stock, garlic, cumin, tumeric, paprika, salt, pepper)
  • pear

Woke up uncomfortable.  It is “that time” so that was part of it.  I was on hormones for years to help with “that time” and now that I am trying to be RX-free I know there will be some challenges.  I definately feel the difference right now but I still am thrilled to be off drugs so no complaining.

I downed my LIME WATER (I ran out of lemons, oops) and got up and realized that I had over done the workout and could barely walk.  So… off to an Epsom Salt Bath.  That helped.  I was FAMISHED but I felt puffy, bloated, and gross.  I weighed myself and I am up two pounds.  Maybe water weight.  I will focus on that a little today.  No headaches or lethargy, but I kicked a lot of this stuff back in April, so I am not expecting to be slammed with detox as I was back then.  By the time I got really moving I felt better.  I ate about 7:30.

Breakfast was filling but at 10:30 I was hungry so I made my first Vega shake.  It was great.  Not as thick as the maca/greens/protein powder I was using.  I think I should add some greens tomorrow and see how that is.  I like the minty chocolate flavor and the maca will nutty that up so I have to find another way to mix that in.  Maybe my cereal.  I wasn’t full when the shake was gone so at 12:30 I ate a little quinoa.  I didn’t eat a full portion, though, because I felt full rather quickly.

I did notice I was stressed more easily and had a shorter temper this morning.  I tried to focus on my breath and remind myself not to sweat the small things.  That seemed to help.  I ran out and got my lemons so I am ready for tomorrow, too, which gave me a settled feeling.  I was stressing about lemons, so that has to be a detox symptom!

At about 3 PM I was hungry again.  I wanted to get fruit in so I ate my pear.

By 5 PM, I was really hungry so I hurried and ate dinner so that I could get my workout in.  I RESTARTED P90X tonight, since last week I had trouble with completing Week One.  I am back on track and tonight was Chest/Back/ARX.  I also got my 25 min run/walk in.  I am time challenged right now so I have to really work to stay on top of things and get these workouts in.  I know this is best for my health.

I am still having trouble with the push ups.  Oh, Tony, when will that end?  I am still on my knees and long to be able to do them in plank.  I am getting better on my knees, though, so I know I will get there.  My arms and back were sore from last night’s class, so I wasn’t as strong tonight, but the sore means I am working so I will accept it gladly.

I do have to tell you how fun it is to be in a group that Tony Horton is in and get emails from him.  I listed to him an hour a night or more, so it’s fun to have interaction with him other than watching a DVD.  Makes it seem more real.  He has been doing this cleanse for 20 days now, (he started early) so he has already been through a lot of what we will all be experiencing the next week or so.  He’s in the high energy stretch.  Cannot WAIT to get there!


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