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NRG Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I don’t drop what I am doing for a cookie often.  Actually I haven’t had a cookie in, well, a long time.  Since before the first of the year.  While going gluten free and plant-based, and trying not to eat sugar… well.. what is left with which to make a cookie?  Plus who has time to bake??

Heaven on a plate...

Heaven on a plate...

I have walked past these products in the store for 3 months thinking “Gluten Free Vegan Cookie” and not having good feelings.  Today, while at the store, I decided to try them.  I chose oatmeal-raisin even though there were other varieties available.  They are from NRG made right here in Michigan!

HEAVEN!  And… hubby had one and THEN I told him that they were gluten-free, vegan.  He said, “That is the best vegan thing I have ever eaten.”  I agree.  I scarfed down one and then savored the next knowing that I now had something to turn to when the menu called for me bringing dessert.  I am thrilled!  I need to go back and get more to take to IL with me!!  Thank you NRG!

Before it was too late!

Before it was too late!


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