The struggle continues

Well, the weekend is past and the work week is in full swing.

I was invited to participate in another 30 day vegan cleanse, which believe it or not I was contemplating.  First, Tony Horton (creator of P90X) will be in the group.  That is enticing.  Second, I have drifted backwards with gluten and dairy.  Having it at parties/social gatherings and to ease the ordering of a meal at a restaurant slowly creeps into eating more of it than I wanted to.

Example:  We did a long drive on Thursday.  I packed the leftover asparagus pasta that I made on Wednesday so I was fine on the drive.  No raw, but that is okay.  Friday I didn’t make it to the grocery store as early as I wanted and we had little to no food at home, so I had some Wheat Thins to get me by (it was that or cheese!!!)  When at the grocery I got some great Chana Masala with brown rice, so that was great.  I ate it in the car on the way home.  Friday night I cooked for hubby and made a big salad, which I ate.  I also made stewed rubarb with agave instead of sugar.  It was good.

Saturday we went out for breakfast and the place had NOTHING I could eat, so I ordered hash browns.  When we got home I had a salad to balance that out.  We then attended a graduation party where I ate about a bag of corn chips with guacamole and ordered a salad without meat/cheese.  I am so tired of going to restaurants where all of the salads have both meat and cheese.  I feel sad paying $8.95 – $12.95 for a salad then telling them to leave the chicken, turkey, or cheeses off.  Usually they adjust the price but it is such a chore to go through it all. I did have a $9 salad at the party… field greens, red onion, and dried cherries with walnuts.  At least it was a good salad.  So I avoided meat, cheese, and gluten all day but did not eat well.

Sunday I had breakfast at home (gluten free waffles) and then it was more running around.  I had fries and a veggie pita for lunch.  It was that or a $8 ice burg lettuce salad.  I ate cheese AND pita, so dairy and gluten.  I hated how I felt afterwards so I will not do that again.  On the drive home I ate a half a bag of cashews in the dark car (hubby got them in the gas station) when we got home I read the bag (why were these cashews so good???) Corn Syrup.  Nice.  Ate a half a bag of corn syrup dipped cashews.  Yes, I felt it monday when I craved bread and sugar all day long.  Ahhhhhhh!

Yesterday was back on track.  Cantaloupe and a pear for breakfast, my yummy spiced tea, a big green salad with garbanzo beans for lunch, then nuts, seeds and raisins for a snack.  Whole Foods gluten free Aztec grain salad with black beans for dinner, and some corn chips with lentil hummus as well.  Yes those corn chips keep sneaking in.  I will not buy more when this bag is gone.  Mostly raw, but a lot of gas accompanied it.  Not sure if it is from the beans, or eating gluten and dairy again.  Time will tell.

My workout plan, as posted, had a wrench thrown in.  The place where  I am taking the classes emailed and because of low attendance in my Tuesday night class, they needed me to pick another day/time as they were canceling my class.  Understandable, but inconvenient for me.  I had worked a lot around that class.  I went last night instead and will be participating on Mondays instead of Tuesdays.  I re-worked the P90X schedule for a Tuesday start (rather than Wed as planned) so that I wouldn’t have a class and a hard P90X workout on the same day.

I hurt my back this weekend pruning roses.  I pruned roses for 4 hours.  Ahhhhhh!  But the back didn’t like the way I was bending (apparently my abs really need work again) so it is being funny.  I am babying it a lot.  Class last night was okay on it, I just had to be careful.  Sitting is what it really objects to the most.

I had an EKG yesterday (which was normal) and was formally taken off the blood pressure meds.  For the last month I have been at or around 120/80 and I have not taken any meds since 4/1 (against doctors orders).  They were making my blood pressure too low though, and I was feeling dizzy so I had stopped them (had I posted that here?  I am not sure) so now, after paying for another doctors appt and an EKG, I am off of them with her blessing as well.  Doctors are funny birds.

It feels good to be off of all conventional medicines and just doing my Chinese Herbs and vitamins (and some whole food supplements).  Today is really the first day in 20 years I can say I am off of all meds as I am not longer on any hormone birth control now as well.  It will be interesting to see how my body reacts to coming off the hormones for the first time in so many years.  I hope it all goes well.  It will be nice to be hearing my body talk to me without the accent of synthetic hormones pumping through my veins.   I feel great about it mentally, however I am expecting to have a few bumps as my body detoxes the years of that out of my system.

Maybe I should do the 7/12-8/12 Vegan Cleanse….


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