DISCLAIMER:  Stop reading if you are not interested in reading about anything to do with snot, the large intestine and /or elimination.

That having been said, everyone at work is sick.  Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze, runny noses everywhere.  I have been sitting in between it and yesterday was meeting after meeting with hackers, snifflers, and snot rags.  Gross.

With the triathlon on Sunday I am trying not to take any chances.  For me the only thing worse than biking 22K and running 5K would be to do so hacking, coughing, and with snot running everywhere.  Not appealing to me.

At about 3 PM yesterday I had a headache and a runny nose.  So, last night I decided to take every precaution.  I ate raw garlic.  I ate a grounding meal of brown rice, heirloom beans, and some salsa for some kick (after going all raw all day).  I bought fruit and more Synergy for today.  I also got an enema kit.  Last night I rested and took a hot bath.  Then this morning, the enema. Some people might think this is nuts, but if you have ever tried it at the onset of the cold, then gotten better, you would be a believer, too.  I just hope I didn’t wait too long.  I chose an enema for a few reasons aside from it working in the past…

  1. I don’t have the time or money this week for colonic irrigation.  That can also work but I have never done it and I don’t think this is my week to start.
  2. I have done them before (while trying NOT to have my gall bladder removed) and they aren’t that bad, I actually don’t mind them. I think you get used to them after a while.
  3. At 40 I am beyond being embarrassed about this part of my body and what happens with it, it is a part of life and honestly what keeps us healthy.  We must care for it big time!

Well, I can say I am out of practice.  I couldn’t hold the saline longer than 2 minutes.  I used to be able to go to 5 minutes and I think that produced a much better elimination.  This time it made me feel better but it was not as satisfying as past ones have been.  I only had time for one so I will do another one tomorrow and see how that one goes.

No, I will not be adding photos to this blog.  Hardy, har, har.

I had grapefruit for breakfast, I figure the Vitamin C can’t hurt.  I am eating raw all day again, so I will make sure to chew a billion times per bite so my digestion has it as easy as pie and my body can focus on warding off this thing that is traveling through my office.  I am still stuffy, runny and now have a little cough but I am going to battle this thing until the end!

On a less disgusting note… La Sorella di Francesca, one of our FAVORITE restaurants in Naperville, Illinois, has a GLUTEN FREE MENU.  I hadn’t taken the time to look.  I can Vegan-ize them, too, so Saturday night we are going pasta at La Sorella for dinner.  Happiness ensues!  Carb loading for the triathlon in style… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And on a more fun note, I signed up for two new fitness classes for the next 9 weeks.  They are on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, 90 minutes each.  WOW…  They sound fun and getting out of the house for something other than work has been sounding appealing to me, so I am doing it.  I go to an into class tonight so I am ready to start next Tuesday, and I am really looking forward to it!


About amkaz

A Virtual Assistant is a highly trained and skilled administrative professional who works in a collaborative partnership with successful small business owners and entrepreneurs providing administrative support and personal concierge services, without having to be physically present in your office. Communication and collaboration is easily accomplished through phone, fax, e-mail, and the internet. True assistance is no longer bound by geography or nine to five, Monday through Friday business hours. I am an accomplished and versatile professional with 10 years management and entrepreneurial experience in retail sales, buying, and store operations and another 8 years experience with office operations management within the banking and merchant payment processing industry. I am a determined individual who consistently achieves desired results in challenging environments while building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and colleagues. My areas of expertise include document creation and management, process improvement, organization, and coordinating classes, meetings and events. Contact me for more information about how I can help you grow your business! Mission Statement: My mission is to create time, opportunity, and results by delivering the highest level of administrative services with integrity, diligence, and responsiveness. I am not successful unless my clients are administratively successful.
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