Day 1 Juice Fast

Last night I went off the track a little.  It was our anniversary.  I picked Wildfire because I could eat salad there and they had a gluten free menu.  We got a flight of 4 kinds of red wine, maybe 2 ounces each type, to share.   I tried to drink only a little, but the wine sure tasted good.  I was very careful not to go crazy.

Hubby ordered baked goat cheese as an appetizer.  They had a gluten free version which was not vegan.  I had two gluten free pita triangles with a tiny bit of goat cheese and mostly the bubbly tomato sauce on them.

My entree salad was right on the money.  Romaine, spinach, cranberries, raisins, celery, pecans, apples, and sunflower seeds in a balsamic vinaigrette.  I bet the dressing had a little refined sugar.  I did not ask.  It was a delicious salad and I did not miss the croutons, cheese, or apple-ranch dressing that normally comes on the salad.  It was big and full of flavor.  I also skipped the potato.  The salad was HUGE so I was fine with just a salad.

When they saw us opening cards, the waitress decided it was a birthday or something so she brought their gluten-free flourless chocolate cake with ice cream on it.  It had a candle and it was a very sweet gesture even if it was not vegan or sugarless.  I had a couple of bites of the chocolate only.  Poor hubby had to eat the rest but he loved it so that didn’t matter.

We walked for almost an hour after dinner.  I tried to let that help me metabolize the sugar in the wine and dessert (well that and some other stuff… it was our anniversary 😉  ).  I also drank a lot of water and got a fairly good nights sleep.

Woke up and started the 3 DAY JUICE FAST!

Okay, I am not going to sugar coat this.  So far I am NOT liking the juice fast.

The morning Electrolyte Lemonade is a Detox drink recipe from Gabrielle Brick.  It is very hard to get down.  It is not the flavor, and it does not upset my stomach, but it does trigger my gag reflex.  It says to drink the whole 7 cups at one sitting.  Well folks, that did NOT happen.  I got a third of it down at 7:30 AM and the rest is in the fridge.  I either have a sensitive gag reflex or it is ALL MENTAL.  Mental challenges are the worst for me but I am determined to overcome this one.  It is either the salt or the coconut oil.  I think it is the salt.  1 teaspoon of sea salt to 6 cups of water is strong.  I tried a salt-water flush a few years back and puked that up, so I really think it is the salt that is triggering me to gag.  I like coconut oil, but drinking it is not something I have done before.

I went back to the second-third of the Lemonade at 10:30.  I want to tell you it got easier.  Hell, I want to tell ME it got easier.  I liken it to drinking salted coconut water and not in a good way.  The Gabrielle Brick blog says it tastes great, and maybe it does if you are used to a lot of salt, but I am not.  I am trusting that it will be good for me… It better be really good for me ’cause I am not sure I can make through three days of this but I am going to try.  She says “try it for 14 days and see how good you feel”.  I will try it for three.  I can do anything I set my mind to.  I know that.  I just may not get all 7-8 cups down in one sitting.  Sorry, Gabrielle.  I hope it works anyway!

She has another post “How to cleanse without thinking about it”, and I quote, “I have to admit, when I first heard about people craving green vegetable juice and seaweed, I thought that was my first indication to stop while I was ahead.  However, I did get a great piece of advice from a long time friend who said to just stick with the principles and keep adding.

I was told “You can’t rely upon signals (cravings) that are uncalibrated to your highest degree of health whilst you are still consuming toxic food.””

Maybe that is why I don’t like the lemonade.  I mean I did drink red wine and eat chocolate last night.  How can I expect a sour, salty, detox drink to taste good this morning.  I am a moron.  I got the rest of the second-third down by 11:30 (it only took an hour) and decided to move to Martha’s Green Juice as planned for lunch.  I put off the final third for the afternoon before 3.

At 12:30 I tried Martha’s Green Juice and it was a LOT better.  I had to juice it this morning and take it to work in a glass canning jar rather than juice it fresh.  It will be interesting to test the fresh juice on Saturday and how I like that.

I was hungry by 1:30.  That is how this juice fasting goes, I know.  I had to do things to distract myself.  I also felt a little weak, which may affect my swim tonight… time will tell.

I was starving by 3:58.  I just kept drinking water and trying to be relaxed.  I finished the Electrolyte Lemonade.  It wasn’t so bad the third batch.  I am not sure if it was less salty at the bottom, I got used to it, or I was just that hungry.  I got it down in under one hour.

I swim and then it’s home for Green Goddess Juice.  We’ll see how all of that goes and report back tomorrow.  Hopefully it goes well.


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