Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Ahhhhhh!  Weekend at the lake.

Mostly work, but some relaxation.  We brought the cat back so that always makes for a better long weekend.  He’s the best.

Friday consisted of going out for breakfast (I had a half of a cantaloupe and some oatmeal with raw almond butter) taking the top and doors off the Jeep (it was too nice outside not to) and then going to Plum Market.  I spent a boatload on produce to make lots of salads for the weekend.    Got the flags out and decorated the house for Memorial Day.  How grateful I am for those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom!

Then it was back to the house so that I could unload the groceries and dial into work.  I only worked a couple of hours, then it was back to cooking a little.  I soaked seeds and beans.  Seeds for a great Seed Pate from Karma Chow and beans for a kidney bean curry and hummus that I plan to make.  We also documented the yard work that had not been done by our landscaper, so if he does not refund our money (we decided to hire someone else) we had proof of what he did NOT do.  Dusted and vacuumed the house.  Moved the patio and pool furniture outside.  Inspected the robin’s nest in our covered, downstairs patio.  Yes, there are eggs.   We will have to wait to tear down the nest.  I realize later that I should have taken a photo.  Pretty, robin’s egg blue eggs.

Plum Market Vegan Salad

Plum Market Vegan Salad

I picked up the Arugula, Quinoa, and Black Bean Salad that I love from Plum Market, and had that for lunch.  We went out for dinner to a Greek place just up at the corner.  I had vegan Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves) Hummus (yes, I ate the gluten-ey pita) and a greek salad without feta.  It was a nice meal.

Saturday I woke up and got movin’.  Washed Jeep, which took an ADD turn into washing down both levels of the back patio.  Thank goodness I had waffles, fresh strawberries, raw almond butter, and some globe grapes for breakfast!  I moved the work inside and started the quinoa and beans cooking and made the Seed Pate.  Next was chopping up all the veggies for a black bean and jicama salad, and the quinoa and cannellini bean salad.  I also cooked potatoes and asparagus for my attempt at the delicious potato salad we had in Barcelona.  It had asparagus, artichokes, cherry tomatoes, olives, pearl onions, and truffle oil in it.

I ate the potato salad, some veggies, and some left over Lemon Herb Quinoa and more grapes for lunch.  I finished assembling the salads, popped them in the fridge then it was time to relax.  I wasn’t feeling the greatest, but thought I may have been dehydrated so I just drank more water.  Spent an hour out at the pool (got in for a little while) then our guests began arriving.  My hubby had two buddies over in addition to his brother for dinner then game one of the Stanley cup.

Quinoa and Bean Salad no beans

Quinoa and Bean Salad no beans

Potato Salad

Potato Salad

We grilled out burgers (Vegan and Gluten Free for me) and had the salads for dinner.  It was great.  Everyone liked everything.  I had another big helping of potato salad.  After we ate the guys went down to play Golden Tee and watch the hockey game while I did dishes.  About 20 minutes into dishes I felt nauseated.  Weird and so not like me.  I thought, again, maybe dehydrated and too much sun.  I was busy most of the day.  I finished the dishes, started the dishwasher, and laid down on the couch to try and settle my stomach and watch some TIVO and the remaining CSI Episodes that I had not yet seen.

Stomach rumbles.  Drank more water.  More stomach rumbles.  Ick, why is this happening.  Gas, lots of gas.  At first smelled fine, then slowly started smelling of rotten eggs.  Odd again.  Drank more water.  After two episodes of CSI decided it was time for bed.  Got up, sheer nausea.  Vomited.   WOW.  Then the other end joined in.  I was dealing with unwanted liquidy waste out of both ends at the same time.  Cold sweats, sheer pain.  This lasted about an hour.  I thought about what I could have eaten to have done this?  I had had everything but the potato salad before.   More intestinal issues.  Couldn’t keep running from bed to the bathroom so slept on the bathroom floor.

Husband woke me up when he came to bed.  He got me up and put me in bed.  I was freezing.  He bundled me up.  I slept for about 5 hours, then woke up in a sweat.  More issues.  WOW.  Major headache, so I knew I was dehydrated.  Drank water.   While getting said water, looked at Olive Oil Mayo jar that I had purchased, and used without reading.  Sure enough, main ingredient whole eggs.  After that, egg whiltes.  Could all of this be because of eggs.  Felt sick again.  More water.  It stayed down but went right through me.  Back to bed.  Dozed on and off for a few hours.

Got up, felt empty, and tried eating a pear.  That seemed okay so I drank a little Synergy Kombucha.  Fine for about 30 minutes, then it all started again.  I guess I wasn’t empty!  Headache worse.  As much as it sucked on a gorgeous Sunday morning, I went back to bed. Slept for two hours.  Finally felt better, not great, but not about to waste anymore of the day.  We went to get lithium grease for the Jeep doors so they wouldn’t stick when I put them back on and passed a deli that had signs GLUTEN FREE and VEGAN in the window.  We had never been there so we stopped.  I tried two falafel and two vegan stuffed grape leaves, and a little hummus.  It seemed fine going down and was relieved to have both felt hungry and to have something that sounded and tasted good.  Hubby got a sandwich that he loved, so I know we will be going back there again many times.  No matter what, I still felt like I drank a bottle of Tequila the night before, and since I had not I was pretty frustrated with how I felt.

When we got back to the house I took the hammock out and got in it.  Me, my iPhone, a liter of water and a pillow spent 3 hours swaying in the breeze and over looking the lake.  My hubby came down a couple of times and while he didn’t join me due to the sun, he rocked me back and forth for a while.  It was wonderful.  I think I dozed off a time or two while there as well.

My brother in law came down and asked if I wanted to go get dinner.  Middle Eastern food or Greek?  He sort of wanted Middle Eastern and while I had just had that I agreed.  I didn’t want Greek again, too many temptations for bread and with how I felt I knew I would be weak.

The Middle Eastern place we went to had a raw juice bar.  How did I not know this before?  I got a fresh juiced lemon and orange in crushed ice.  I wasn’t sure I wanted a green juice this late in the day especially with all the napping, or I might be up all night.  I also got more falafel and tahini dip.  They were okay, and we sat and enjoyed a great meal.  The juice was refreshing and wonderful, so  I know I will go back there just for the juices!

Didn’t stay up too late after that, enough to watch some TV with the guys and get all of the pool furniture cushions in just in case it started raining before morning.  I slept great and awoke, very rested, with the sun.

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Hubby was out fishing when I woke up, which was nice to see. He loves to fish.  Waffles, raw almond butter, and strawberries made up breakfast; then it was off to the races to get things wrapped up at the house.  Doors and top back on Jeep, clean out garages, clean the stairs, wash all the linens and towels, remake the beds, and clean the kitchen and areas that were used, like the toilet I became so close to on Saturday night.  8 hours of hard work later we were ready to go, right about the time the rain set in.

Ate Lemon-Herb Quinoa (what was left of it) on the road, more globe grapes, and some raisins and peanuts that hubby bought at a travel stop.  Feeling better but still cautious I reflected on the way I felt over the weekend.

Sometimes things sound so good.  For example, my niece posted something the other morning about her breakfast on Facebook: oatmeal, asparagus, and parmesan topped with a fried egg.  It sounded and looked (photo) so good I wanted it bad. When we went out to breakfast, hubby got two eggs over medium, and while he was eating them I watched, jealous, imagining their creamy, cheesy, taste.  Then this mayo thing happens and I am reminded of the intestinal distress I encountered so often after eating eggs.  Nope, no longer for me.  I have this to remind me of that until the next OOPS!

Same with bread.  When we went out for Greek, hubby had Saganaki and bread.  I looked longingly at it, and resolved to be fine with what I was eating.  I just got past the knee inflammation and pain; I don’t want it back.  So I pass.  It’s fine, I just have to be a very conscious eater.

Overall, a fantastic weekend.  Full of some hard work and some sickness, but still full of fun, laughter, and things that I love to do.  Also full of rest, which I needed.

Now, focus forward on the triathlon and I think, after the intestinal episodes of the weekend, a three day juice fast will be happening the end of this week.  We shall see and as always I will be keeping you posted!  Whoever you all are!


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