May 26, 2010

Today’s Food:

  • 1/2 cantaloupe
  • 1/2 cup blueberries
  • Vegan protein shake with Maca and greens
  • Collard greens with a green salad, avocado, tomato, and sunflower seeds (some Guiltless Gourmet Blue Corn Baked Chip pieces crunched in, too)
  • Bartlett pear
  • Dinner: TBD walk to ME restaurant for Falafel and Hummus, or make salad at home.  Weather to determine.

Today is better than yesterday.  After another 30 min epsom salt bath last night and my knee is calmed down.  The elimination of gluten and dairy once again in no doubt helped.

Gluten sensitivity sparks joint inflammation (one of the side-effects) and I was able to be relatively pain free in my knee without it in my diet.  I learned greatly from eating it again that I need to keep it out of my diet.  I am listening to my body.  For more information on gluten and joint pain and/or information just do a Google search with those keywords.  I will reference an ezine article by a Naturopath, Sonia Jones ND.  She makes a GREAT point about how often we consume gluten and why our bodies may build up an intolerance to it.  Every meal, every day!

“For some people it is hard to believe that gluten can cause so much destruction. When we tell people that in order to treat a serious condition like arthritis, inflammation and pain, a few serious dietary measures are needed. Giving up gluten might be one of them.

When someone first hears they have to give up gluten which mean mainly wheat (but also includes rye, barley and oats), you can hear the panic in their voices “there is nothing left for me to eat”. Most people find it unbelievable and unacceptable that their diet has made them ill often refusing to consider giving up anything you suggest especially wheat, at first. Yet the scientific evidence and our experience with dealing with patients with auto-immune disease it makes a huge difference. After a little while people come around to the idea of gluten-free might be worth it in order to become pain-free or at the very least drastically reduce their suffering.”

I am a believer now.   Eliminating these things from my diet, then reintroducing them for 4 days and the subsequent pain and swelling in my knee made me really listen to my body that much more closely and dedicate myself further to keeping them OUT of my diet.

Many food sensitivity sites say night shade vegetables also effect arthritic conditions, but I have been able to eliminate inflammation and joint pain by removing dairy and gluten, so for now I will keep eating the potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes that I love.

When Melissa Costello from Karma Chow told me that I needed to listen to my body when I ate those things again, I was not sure what she meant.  I was expecting to get a stomach ache or have digestive issues (which some people may have).  I did not.  I felt fine eating them, but the pain and swelling in my knees and wrists returned, and I had a dull headache each day.  I now see what she meant.  The issues we cause in our bodies by what we ingest are not all immediately apparent.  Kind of like gaining weight.  You don’t see it within hours or overnight, but slowly it creeps on… I didn’t notice inflammation the first hour or even day I ate gluten and dairy again but I cannot argue it returned.  I still have the Celebrex in the cabinet and I was tempted to take some yesterday just so I could work out.  I resisted.  One more day of clean eating and I think I can get there drug-free.  What a learning experience!

Also, not having the vegan protein shake for a week made it tough to get down today.  I will re-aquire a taste for it I am sure, but note to self  keep drinking it even on vacation if possible so that I reap the benefits and also don’t lose the taste for it again!

I will update tomorrow with how this evening’s workout goes.  I am planning to run/walk tonight and do some Cardio X in the morning.  Tomorrow we drive to MI so I need to get some solid cardio in before we go.  I am taking Turbo Jam DVDs with me as well as Yoga and Core Syn to do there.  I am hoping to bike and swim there and the weather forecast appears to be allowing that, but since you cannot rely on the forecast I want to be prepared to do some hard core working out while gone and get my endurance back up.

I also have to figure out my RAW day.  I am thinking tomorrow since we are traveling and it will be a restful evening sitting in the car for 5 hours.  I will need to make the kale salad tonight to make that possible.  It should be a busy evening!


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