Raw Day 2

Well yesterday’s raw food day was so successful that I am doing it again today.  My head feels better and so does the body.

Thursday’s Food:

  • 1 whole cantaloupe
  • Vegan protein shake with Maca, and greens
  • green salad
  • red pepper strips
  • Kale and Fennel Salad with Miso Dressing (yes again, but I needed to use up the kale and fennel and I love this salad.  Kale is good for you!)

I go to acupuncture tonight.  I really hope it helps with my head.  I think raw yesterday helped, so we shall see how adding another day does!  I still woke up achy and with frontal-face-head-pain.  I can breathe through my nose, but it is packed up in there otherwise.  I also still have a tinge of a sore throat, but it is almost gone.  It’s another rainy day here, though, so I am not expecting it to be perfect, just better.

I have not had the morning after raw feeling yet today.  I feel much better, but not that bound of energy leap.  I think it is in part due to a little less sleep last night.  I do well on 7-9 hours and not so well with over 9 or under 7.  Last night I got about 6.5 and it is dumb that the half hour makes a difference but I can usually feel it.  I have no clue how my mother deals with the lower amount of sleep she gets.  I am not that girl.

Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment in the AM.  I am going to come off of hormones.  I have been on hormones for most of my adult life.  I went on them at 19 to deal with a heavy menstrual cycle and stayed on them from 19-31 pretty much straight through.  At 31 I came off for a while and went right back on 8 months later due to a cyst on an ovary (they help with that I guess).  That was 9 years ago, so out of my 40 years on this planet I have doused my body with synthetic hormones for 21 years.  Yes, I am concerned about ending that but I also cannot wait.  I have known since I was 30 that I really didn’t want to be on them but they were convenient and seemed to solve some issues, so I just kept doing it.  Since going on blood pressure meds last year (because of the hormones, don’t you love our medical system:  just take another drug!) I have REALLY wanted off the “pill” (really the ring) so I am going to do it.

I already talked to Melissa at Karma Chow about the detox I can expect to have, and my acupuncturist specializes in women’s health issues so I feel that I have the nutritional and physiological support to come off and survive it.  Being a pretty big deal to me I am both nervous and excited.  I was spending what translated to $1500.00 per year out of pocket to be on the ring and the blood pressure meds, so I think that the alternatives I now face, which are also expensive, are a better choice since they do not involve dousing my body with synthetic or ANY hormones.  I hope that the appointment goes well tomorrow and I am on my way to a new plan by July 1.  I started my last “dose” of hormones last night.  27 days to go.

I am interested in talking to other women about their experiences with changes when coming off of the pill after so many years, but it isn’t exactly a subject you just openly bring up… so if anyone reading has experience and is comfortable sharing, please do so.

When I set out to change my life this year I wasn’t joking around!


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