May 8,9, and 10


  • Gluten-Free Vegan Waffles with raw agave and almond butter
  • half of a Macro Reds bar
  • field green salad with kidney beans and vegan cheese
  • Green Salad and Polenta with marinara sauce and sauteed mushrooms at HONEY
  • coconut cake batter while making vegan-gluten free coconut cake


  • Cantaloupe and flax foccacia
  • coconut icing while making coconut icing, some cashews and macadamia nuts
  • garden salad at Olive Garden (no dressing, cheese, or coutons)
  • cashew nuts
  • endive with sun-dried tomato and olive tampenade
  • flax foccacia with onions and herbs
  • kale salad with fennel
  • brown rice pasta with vegan “alfredo” sauce
  • coconut cake
  • 4 sips of Asti Spumanti for Mother’s Day toast


  • 1/2 kombucha
  • flax foccacia
  • coconut cake (yes, so far not a great meal plan… I know)
  • kale salad with fennel
  • more flax foccacia (no one else will eat it)
  • vegan protein shake with maca and greens
  • Mustard Greens with Garbanzo Beans (new recipe on freezer week but I forgot to thaw stuff and feel brave enough to try the mustard greens.  Plus my sinuses are a mess and I am hoping some spice will help!)
  • Garbanzos with raw onion and 2 cloves of raw garlic  PLEASE CLEAR MY SINUSES!

Mother’s day was a success even if I was really run down from sinus pressure and a runny nose and sore throat.  ACK!!!!

Saturday was cooking, cleaning, and laundry.  I made the tampenade, cake, and my vegan sauce on Sat while cleaning two levels and doing 5 loads of laundry.  I also went grocery shopping after acupuncture for the last time (except for fresh fruit and salad items later this week) until I return from Spain, which is good because I spent a small fortune.  Note: coconut products are pricey.  Its a fabulous but expensive cake.

I felt pretty good on Saturday until about midnight.  Then the sinus issues set in.

I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose, and congestion.  I got pretty cold in the night (heat was off) so I am sure that egged on the sore throat.  I was in pain.  I got up and used the neti pot and laid back down again.  I was still able to finish cleaning and cook more in the AM (frosting, foccacia, veggie prep) and then hubby took me out for a break, lunch at Olive Garden then hot tea and cookbook shopping at Borders.  I felt a little better.  We got home and I had to put the pedal to the metal.  I wanted to go back to bed but couldn’t so I just pushed through.  My folks arrived at 4 and we had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebration.  It was fantastic.  All the food was great (well I am not sure anyone liked the foccacia other than me) and we really relaxed and had fun.  We figured out packing for Barcelona and then they left about 8.  I finished cleaning up the kitchen, rubbed down with vick’s and went to bed.

That seemed to help a little, I woke up without the sore throat and headache, but still a runny nose like a faucet.  My nose is raw.  I am plugging away, though, knowing my body is trying to get rid of things and I just need to deal and let it.  I am still taking my homeopathic remedies and Chinese Herbs, but that is it.  Lots of hot tea and Miso soup helped.  Went home and ate raw garlic.  Made Mustard Greens with Garbanzos… was still hungry so I ate a bowl of garbanzos with raw onions and garlic, and some green salad.

Went to bed wrapped in Vicks again.  Maybe by tomorrow the headache and runny nose will be gone…

No workout 😦 Grrrrrrrrrr!


About amkaz

A Virtual Assistant is a highly trained and skilled administrative professional who works in a collaborative partnership with successful small business owners and entrepreneurs providing administrative support and personal concierge services, without having to be physically present in your office. Communication and collaboration is easily accomplished through phone, fax, e-mail, and the internet. True assistance is no longer bound by geography or nine to five, Monday through Friday business hours. I am an accomplished and versatile professional with 10 years management and entrepreneurial experience in retail sales, buying, and store operations and another 8 years experience with office operations management within the banking and merchant payment processing industry. I am a determined individual who consistently achieves desired results in challenging environments while building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and colleagues. My areas of expertise include document creation and management, process improvement, organization, and coordinating classes, meetings and events. Contact me for more information about how I can help you grow your business! Mission Statement: My mission is to create time, opportunity, and results by delivering the highest level of administrative services with integrity, diligence, and responsiveness. I am not successful unless my clients are administratively successful.
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