P90X Update Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today is day 75 with 15 to go. I already have the next 90 days planned to start on 6/23. Next time I am doing Classic, but here is a reflection on this time, with 2 weeks to go…

It’s funny. I have 15 days until I leave for Spain and 15 days left of P90X. I am having trouble staying motivated to finish it but I will. Maybe it is being burned out on the same disks, maybe it is excitement and preparation for my trip, maybe it is that laziness I have been plagued with in the past setting in… not sure, but it is taking more effort than before to get it done.

I have reached a milestone, however. I know before the cleanse I wrote about run/walking and I how I was able to do more running than ever before. Well, this morning before work, I ran/walked a 5K (well 2.7 miles) in 39 minutes. For me that is so huge. I couldn’t ever do it in under 45 before. What is also huge, is that I did it running up to 5 min at a time before walking for one. I only did that rotation twice before I switched back to run one min, walk one min, but that is a HUGE improvement. I pushed my lungs a little (I coughed on and off most of the morning) but I felt great. My knee feels great, too. This is SO HUGE for me. Considering I pretty much stopped run/walking the entire month of April due to the cleanse, I am THRILLED with this progress. Triathlon here I come!

I was supposed to do Kenpo X last night but due to some little things that popped up that didn’t happen, so I am going to try to do that AND lift tonight. I am not sure I will make it but I am going to try. I think I will do KenpoX, skip the cooldown, then ARX, then Chest, Shoulders, and Arms. I will be toast when it is over, but back on schedule. I want to make sure when I say I “DID” P90X Lean that I really DID P90X Lean.
Emotionally, this has been a true challenge. I think the fact that I don’t WANT to give up helps, but it is a constant “demon” battle to get my ass downstairs for some of the workouts. It seems that the closer I get to my goal, the harder it is. I think part of it is feeling better, healthier, stronger. It is like something clicks in the mind that you have arrived somewhere, so relax. But fitness is not a trip you take to relax and enjoy the destination. Fitness is a never ending quest. There is no taking a week off and expecting to be where you were a week ago. A week off is a step back not to the side.

Fitness is something that must be woven into the fabric of life to keep it strong and supple.

I have to keep reminding myself of this when I want a break. The break needs to be continuing to feel healthy and strong, not a night on the couch with my laptop in my lap.

I prepped the June schedule, and have to figure out how to work it into 2 trips. I go to Canada on a camping trip 8/19-8/25. We are taking a camper and I will take my laptop, so I guess I just have to toss in the arm-bands, a mat, and workout clothes and I will be good to go for those workouts, but I may change that week up so that I don’t need weights. Too bad it is not a recovery week. I will also end the 90 days on 9/20 and I will be going to Vegas around then so I am not sure how that will flow. The last week is recovery, though, so I should be able to get that all worked out.

I am doing P90X Classic the next time. P90X Lean, what I did this time, is more focused on cardio and there is no Plyometrics (jumping). I chose this version because of the weight I wanted to drop and because I couldn’t jump to save my life. More cardio = more burn and more burn has been my goal. I graduated from having to use a mini-trampoline for all the jumping type moves in P90X Lean to doing them lower impact on the regular floor I know I made progress. I also learned that you do your best with P90X and forget the rest, so if I suck at Plyo that as long as I keep pushing play that will change over time.

I am now really changing my focus (even while doing these last 15 days of P90X Lean) to triathlon training. I haven’t been on my bike yet so that happens this weekend. I am going to do 10 miles both Sat and Sun if weather cooperates. I started run/walking a couple days ago, and feel good about that… now I just need to plan my pool times. Centennial Beach opens May 29, so the plan as it sits now is to swim in MI the weekend of Memorial Day, then at Centennial Beach on Tuesday , Thursday, and Saturday, June 1, 3, and 5, then again Wednesday 6/9 before the tri. Since swimming is my strongest leg, and I am in better all around shape this year than last, and I am not super worried about the 750 yard swim. I could do that in my sleep. I want my time to be better, but since I don’t have the option to swim indoors now I have to wait for pools to open to swim outside. As it is it will be cold water, but since the temps have been higher so far this year it will be better than last as well.

Now, back to eating, after all I am infatuated with food:

  • BF: 1/2 pound of strawberries, and half a pear
  • S: Vegan shake with Maca and Greens. I guess I need to start thinking about re-ordering this soon, I will be out of it all in June…
  • L: Leftover Quinoa and Beet, Beet Green and “feta” salad, and a little green salad on the side for more raw
  • S: More Quinoa and beets, oink!
  • D: Mac and Chard, big green salad

People at work tried the cashew cheese and liked it. Also tried the beet salad and liked it as well. Tomorrow I try out lentil tacos at lunch on co-workers, after all it is Cinco De Mayo, and I am not bringing non-vegan food to the party, since I won’t be able to eat stuff others bring. We’ll see how they all do eating my food! LOL!


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