Vegan Cleanse Day 30- Final Day

Friday, April 30, 2010

Today’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast:  Bob’s Red Mill GF Oatmeal with 1 tablespoon raw hemp butter and pumpkin seeds
  • Snack: Vegan Protein Shake with Maca and greens
  • Lunch:  Millet and Pinto Bean Salad (I added lentils)
  • Snack:  IN CAR, Planning on Celery and Hummus, leftover kale-fennel salad
  • Dinner:  ROAD TRIP!  Planning on Pure Protein Vegan Salad from Plum Market

Some raw, I would say 60/40.

I had already packed the cooler for the roadtrip and had it in the car when I heated up my oatmeal, so I had to punt with the ingredients I added.  The hemp butter and sunflower seeds were  ok, but I wasn’t in love with it.  It was very satisfying, though.  I have to look and compare hemp and almond butter to see which is better.  I think the hemp has more protein.

The protein shakes are welcomed by my body and my palate is slowly conceding.  I crave it now most mornings and can pretty much tell when 10 rolls around (when I eat breakfast at 7) because I start thinking about having a shake.  I just drink it fairly fast and that seems to help.  It’s not that I don’t like it, it just gets gelatinous if you wait too long and it isn’t like drinking ______ (fill in your favorite drink name here).

I added lentils to my salad at lunch.  I had them made and ready for the road trip, so I dumped some in.  I think that lentils are grounding for me.  Actually lentils and kidney beans are like comfort food and even when spicy and in with all raw veggies, I find them to be calming and centering.  It is a weird feeling, so I hope I am describing it correctly, but I like it!  I feel more in touch with my insides now, and it is fun to listen to that and give my body what I think it is really asking for.  It is only my mind that asks for wine when I have a stressful day, coffee when I don’t get enough rest, and comfort foods when I am stressed.  My body, on the other hand,  now that I can hear it through the old noise in my head, wants completely different things.  So far I hear cries for lentils, kale, warm broth based soup, and nuts.  Today when I packed the cooler I realized how much our lives have changed just because of food.  How freeing!

I also noticed that the green tea I thought I couldn’t live without isn’t a craving anymore.  I seldom even drink the hot tea that I can have (and love) because it has lost importance.  I think when the cold weather rolls around again that will change, but for now if my body isn’t asking for it, that’s fine.  I used to use coffee and tea as a crutch.  I am so much stronger than that!  I guess until now I never saw it that way.

I cannot lie and tell you that there are not foods I will miss.  Greek yogurt, goat cheese, Gorgonzola, fresh real, GOOD Parmesan, Manchego, ok I need to stop.  Those things will be missed and I will work to find things that I can fall in love with instead of them.  I do think I am passed the grip of them, after 30 days, and that as long as I don’t fall to temptation or linger there too long if I fall, I will be ok.

As I look back this month wasn’t hard at all.  What was hardest was overcoming the people around me if they weren’t supportive.  Very few had that reaction.  Most have been incredibly supportive.  The rest was all planning the work and working the plan, which is one of my strengths.  I couldn’t be happier that I bit the big one and did this.  In 30 days, I have changed my life.

I will say that I may not post EVERYDAY for a while.  I am backed up on blogging for a client and that will be a priority in May and June.  But I am enjoying this and it has held me accountable.  I pretend I have a thousand readers and I would be letting them down if I slipped on my diet or posting.  So thank you, readers, for helping me be focused on this life change.  I am all the better for it, and I hope in some small way you are as well.

God Bless!  Off to 5 hours in the car.


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2 Responses to Vegan Cleanse Day 30- Final Day

  1. Retired woman says:

    You have done a great job both on the Cleanse and blogging about it. I look forward to periodic updates in the future and recipes that you find particularly appealing!

    • amkaz says:

      Thanks! I am thrilled with how I feel and the changes I have been making. When I started out the year I knew some things I wanted to change, but I was not sure where the path would lead and how far it would take me. What a journey so far! I have some things I am brewing up this week to change things up a bit, and I cannot wait to share the recipes if they are good! Today is raw day, so my body is in a fresh state. I hope I can stay raw on my road trip, that will be a big accomplishment!

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