Vegan Cleanse Day 28

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast:  Bob’s Red GF Oatmeal with raw almond butter and blueberries
  • Snack: grapes
  • Lunch: quinoa and lentils with 1 beet, some celery
  • Dinner:  Pinto Beans and Millet Salad and leftover Kidney Bean Curry with a 1/4 c brown rice (I was hungry after skipping snack!)

Mostly raw, I would say 60/40.

Woke up 3-4 times in the night last night.  Not restless, but not sound sleep.  Mild headache through the night.  Heaviness in my head upon waking and not feeling rested again 😦 I was really hoping that by now I was waking up rested, I do sometimes…

I guess with the crap stored in my fat I am losing that I am going to experience some ickyness when it is released.  I also have eaten white sugar, white flour, meat, dairy, and eggs for 39 or so years, and caffeine and alcohol for about 20+ years, so to imagine that after 27 days without them I wouldn’t be experience any detox is pretty silly.  I have a lightness, my skin is AMAZING, and for the last 4 years I have been on antibiotics in April (plus other months) due to chronic sinus infections… so that being said I am doing GREAT!  I need to STOP COMPLAINING!    But I am trying to be realistic on here with what I am going through so you are getting it.

Digestion was off yesterday and today, also.  Back to what I call FAST.  Not sure where that may be coming from but I don’t like it.  I did learn yesterday that pumpkin mixed with oatmeal gives me gas.  Pumpkin smelling gas.  It was actually more funny than gross.  That is why I skipped to almond butter today.

I didn’t lose weight this week, so I cut back on the nuts and avos.  I want to be sure to get enough healthy fats, but I was disappointed to have not lost weight for the first time in weeks.  Part of it is because I pulled way back on the workouts because of feeling icky so I am going to try to get back to them today and pray that I do not get sicker.

I am moving right along on Alicia Silverstone’s book and it has sparked some questions for Melissa like:

  • Superhero section is mostly macrobiotics on top of vegan.  What is her opinion on macrobiotics.  I understand the guy who came up with the theories behind this way of eating was a smoker, so I don’t give it a lot of credibility.
  • No nightshade vegetables (or minimal) are one of the weird things about the Superhero plan.  Other than this and limiting fruit and spices I do already do a lot of the superhero meals… BUT spices, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers are huge parts of my meals and I honestly cannot imagine life without them so I want to see what her opinions are on all of this.

I know I previously posted about just going vegetarian afterward this cleanse ends since I thought I couldn’t really ever call myself a vegan… however I am  really not planning on eating the things I have given up for the cleanse again unless they sneak their way in without me knowing or able to avoid them.

For example, the sit down dinner at the black-tie event in Barcelona is not really going to allow me to be super picky.  If we are served a salad with cheese I can gracefully try to sweep it off, and be careful with the amount of dressing if any (gluten and sugar) but I still need to eat.  Same with the entree.  Rice, veggie, ok, but if the rice is cooked in chicken stock I am not going to know.  For an event like this I am just going to have to cope and eat what I can.  From reading Alicia’s book I know this happens and you just try to get back on track the next meal.

I DO feel much better now that I am eating this way.  I DO want to try to keep this up.  The fact that hubby is taking to many of the meals is giving me a lot of hope for meal planning and cooking going forward.  I am thrilled with that.

I am working out tonight and will see how that goes. I am hoping I can get home, make dinner, crush my workout, go get some sun, and still get to bed by 9:30 so I can try to get back to my morning workouts tomorrow.   This is key because I cannot work out tomorrow night, so to get back on schedule I need to get up in the AM.  Hopefully that all goes well.


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