Vegan Cleanse Day 21

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Today’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast:  Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and raw Sunflower Seeds
  • Snack: Vegan Protein Shake with Maca and greens
  • Lunch:  Leftover black beans and a Vegan Aztec Salad from Whole Foods
  • Snack:  Jicama and almond butter
  • Dinner:  Cannellini-Quinoa Salad, Beets

Mostly raw, I would say 70/30.

I figured out how I am going to do my meal plans!!!!  I am so excited!

I am going to use MacGourmet.  It allows you to tag meals with different criteria, so I am going to tag based on bean, grain, green, and raw or cooked.   So a cooked recipe of quinoa and garbanzos without a green in it would be Garbanzo, Quinoa, Cooked.  A Spinach, Lentil Soup with brown rice would be Lentil, Brown Rice, Spinach, Cooked.  This way I can search by bean, grain, green, raw, or a combination to find recipes.  Additionally I will pick a nut to focus on that week.  It also allows for photos, so I will be adding those as well!

MacGourmet Recipe Screen

Next I made a meal planning outline and guide.  The outline revolves around a 4 week cycle:

  1. Week A:  Beans: Lentils, Black Beans, Cannellinis, Tempeh;  Grain: Amaranth; Green: Kale; Nuts: Pine Nuts
  2. Week B:  Beans: Kidney, Pinto, Veggie Burger, Garbanzo; Grain: Millet; Green: Chard; Nuts: Cashews; Try to have 1 serving sea vegetable.
  3. Week C:  Beans: Seitan, Red Lentils, Adzucki, Split Peas; Grain: Spelt; Green: beet, collard, or mustard; Nuts: Walnuts
  4. Week D:  Freezer week (eat meals from A,B,C out of freezer; Green: Spinach; Try to have 1 serving sea vegetable.

The guide then states:


  • Maintain Freezer Notebook:  Enter the legume, grain, veggie and date made into log, cross off when eaten
  • Plan dinner meals first, preparing 1-2 servings to eat that week and freeze extra (or share)
  • Using items for the week choose recipes for each item or combination of items.  Be sure to choose a varied amount of produce to eat with cooked food and in all cooked food.
  • As recipes are used, note if you would use again, if modification is needed and what modifications you would make, and if the recipe is a non-repeat recipe.
  • Log recipes based on the grain, legume or nut, green, and whether the entrée is raw or cooked.
  • Plan lunches based off of dinners, using some leftovers and adding in a few new meals.
  • Plan meals and grocery list a week in advance.  Shop and prepare all meals on the weekend when possible (exception would be raw foods).
  • Freezer week: try to choose varied options from the freezer, first in, first out, adding fresh raw salads, soups, and entrees.

I started the freezer notebook last night and logged the few things I have in there now.  I am going to try to plan the rest of this week using this method tonight.  I picked the items in week A based on what I had on hand or have already eaten so I could start with week A and begin the foods rotating through.  I decided this was the best way to guarantee I was not eating the same things one week to the next, and to ensure that the additional portions I am freezing work themselves into the rotation.  This is not set in stone, so if I want to thaw some split-pea soup that week to meet the split pea requirement, I can.  I don’t have to save the portions for freezer week (especially since there are usually 2-3 that I freeze).  This will also help freezer week have a lot of variety.

I think this is a good plan to keep things on a wide variety rotation, and keep me busy with new tastes, textures, and recipes.  I didn’t plan a lot of veggies into the rotation on purpose, since I tend to like a lot of veggies and am usually good at eating a wider variety of those.  I did plan sea vegetables into weeks B and D since I tend to not like those but need them, so it forces a recipe with seaweed or kelp, etc on those weeks.

I feel good about this plan and am excited about it, I just need to start importing recipes into MacGourmet so that I can really use the system how I am designing it to be used.  Also, I need to set a day of the week (I am making it Wednesday) to plan for one hour to enter recipes into MacGourmet; and a day of the week (I am making it Friday) to plan the next week meals and make a grocery list.  I have the least amount planned for these evenings so that seems like it will work the best with my schedule.

Now, about how I feel.  Stuffiness and sinus drainage, but not nearly as bad as it was.  I slept soundly and was able to get up on time today (YAY) and I did feel rested.  Hungry most of the morning.  I am full after my meals but seem to get hungry about 2.5- hours later which is good because I am supposed to eat every 3 hours.  Today was tough, I had my shake at 10:15 (which is not as filling) and had to wait until 1:30 to get food because I was not prepared for lunch and had to go to Whole Foods.  I went FAMISHED!  The salad had cooked grain (Amaranth, brown rice), cooked yellow and green peas, and raw red onion, green onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, jalapeno, and lime juice.  No oil.  It is so yummy that I want to find amaranth and make it in 4 weeks.  I may need to order the amaranth online because whenever I look for it I cannot find it, and this salad is a dream.  Very comforting, too, when you are missing pasta or pasta salad.

Fortunately, it was another trip to the store so I can make a new salad for tomorrow with the rest of the kale.  I needed rice wine vinegar, cherry tomatoes and Dijon Mustard.  I cannot wait to try this salad.  I hope it is less acidic than the Molested Kale Salad… that one hurts my mouth a little.  I don’t seem to do well with bitter and acid together and I often wonder if others have this problem.

My workout this AM was Cardio X, and I really did the best yet.  I am glad the worst detox symptoms are past and I can hold yoga poses again, and I am finding so much more that I can “hang” during the workouts.  I am not lifting as much or doing full push-ups yet, but I am close, and given my fitness level when I started I would say that is good enough for me.

Tonight’s salad was delicious, I will post the recipe soon.


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