Vegan Cleanse Day 20

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Today’s Meal Plan:

  • Breakfast:  Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal with Blueberries, and raw Sunflower Seeds
  • Snack: Vegan Protein Shake with Maca and greens
  • Lunch:  Roasted beets, Kichadi, Pinto Beans, and a little left-over Amaranth salad with roasted onions, raisins, edamame, and sweet potato (from Whole Foods and only OK)
  • Snack: Soaked, skinless Almonds
  • Dinner:  a giant Molested Kale Salad with pine nuts and 2 slices home-made whole grain brown Gluten Free bread with Earth Balance spread

Mostly raw, I would say 60/40.

So last night my friend FORGOT we were going out for her birthday and when I arrived to pick her up, she had already eaten.  So I hit the salad bar at Whole Foods and got a DELISH Amaranth Vegan Salad with raw red, orange, and yellow peppers, onions, and lentils.  Oil free and YUMMO!  I also got a less delicious Amaranth salad with edamame and sweet potato, that I am finishing today for lunch.  It was good, just too sweet.  The potato, roasted onion, and raisins made it sweeter than I would have liked for dinner, but it was good.  I just wouldn’t get it again.

I slept okay last night, woke up 3 times.  Not sure if it was all the water (1 liter) after 9, or if it has something to do with the new Chinese Herbals from the acupuncturist.  I guess time will tell.  I was surprised to wake up that often when I haven’t been.  I also awoke today to bad sinuses, so I pushed my workout off to tonight to try to get more sleep.  It is Chest, Shoulders, and Tris, plus ARX, so I wanted to make sure I was mentally ready for all of the push-ups and my sinuses were not really ready.  I will be doing the workout tonight.  Something is in the air today, because my nose is like a faucet, and even my ears are draining (gross, I know).  While I am glad I was draining rather than congested, I still had that mild headache that is making me nuts.  A cup of tea helped, and I planned for a little Kichadi (I have it) with my lunch, just for some extra garlic and ginger up in there.

Beets are very cleansing, so I was happy to eat them today.  I had been craving them but was avoiding them due to the sugar content.  Melissa gave me the ok, so I had two today.  They were delicious.  Beets are one of my favorite vegetables.  My grandma used to pickle beets and eggs together and they were so yummy!  Each time I eat beets now I think of her, so it is a nice memory, too.

I have been tinkering with MacGourmet (I have 17 days left on the trial) and I signed up for a mobileme class at Apple next Tuesday night.  MacGourmet syncs with an iPhone app but it also syncs with ical and mobileme, so you can make a menu plan on your calendar.  I am not sure this feature would be beneficial to me UNLESS mobileme will also help me with some other issues of syncing.  I have outlook at work and have never successfully synced that to my entourage calendar without multiple entries, so I guess I will see what I learn.  It would be nice to have access to things from anywhere (less dragging home of the laptop) so I will see what I learn next Tuesday night.  Between now and then I need to play with importing some recipes and entering my own to see if this would be a beneficial tool.  As I said before, there are not very many restrictive diet (gluten, sugar, animal products) cookbooks available, so this would be a way of making my own compilation of recipes that really creates a book designed around this cleanse and way of eating.

I listen to Whatever Radio on the Martha Stewart Sirius Radio Channel alot and Alexis Stewart (Martha’s daughter) is a vegetarian and has a gluten-free intern on the show.  She will make recipes around this a lot and post them on her blog, so I follow that.  She takes recipes from other sources and turns them vegetarian and gluten-free.  Her blog, if you are interested, is  Yesterday she posted a Quinoa with Lime and Ginger Dressing Recipe that I just have to try.  After loving the Lemon Quinoa with all my heart I think I will love the Lime.

I really need to focus on variety and I was hoping to figure out a way to have something to help me do that.  I thought of using Filemaker to make a relational database to help with the planning, but I think if I work MacGourmet right, I can do that there.  For now I have made a table of beans so that I can do a rotation.  Basically, I think I can do a 2 week rotation using a different bean each day.  If I can program that rotation out for 4-6 weeks worth of recipes and make sure I always vary the vegetables and grains, I will be getting a lot of variety.  My thought process is based on the fact that to eat a variety you have to plan, otherwise you pick your favorite dishes out over and over again.  I want to try to apply the logic to dark leafy greens also and see if relationally I can layer that plan over the bean plan and come up with a 6 week rotation cycle that covers a lot of variety, many different combinations, and all the nutrients that I need.  Next, I want to try to apply the rule that I eat in-season as much as possible.  That will be tough, but I think it is do-able.  What I would end up is a framework of bean, grain, and veggie combinations that reflect the seasons but do not have a repeat meal (other than left-overs for lunches) in the 6 weeks, then if I want I can repeat the cycle.  It is easy to think in three dimensions about meal planning when you aren’t standing in the kitchen with the fridge door open and a knife in your hand and are STARVING… so I will endeavor this week to work out a schedule for each area, then layer them on top of one another and see if I can come up with a guide.  Then I will find recipes that fit within that guide and compile them somewhere so I am able to save those I like (to repeat), save those I want to alter and test recipe changes on, and those that I never, ever want to eat again.  I think once I have this all figured out I will have a reference that will make meal planning fun again.  Kind of like, Meat/Starch/Vegetable (the standard American diet plan) but mine will be bean/grain/vegetable and I have to account for at least one raw day a week, and a raw food at each meal.  Not too bad!  I work much better with plans than I do spontaneously so I really want to get this figured out so I have a guide.  I guess I need to stop blogging about it and start doing it, huh?

I was sort of hungry and tired most of the day.  Foggy mind.  I rushed to get out of work, get home, eat, and get my workout in so I could get to bed at a decent time.  Even though I will use less cayenne in my salad next time it was delicious.  It fueled my workout nicely.  I had a little trouble falling asleep but slept well.  I think I got up once in the night, early, but cannot remember.


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