Vegan Cleanse Overview

Yesterdays call when well.  One of the things I have to do for the next 30 days is journal about my food and body.  I will do some of that here.  Some of the stuff I have to track, well, no one wants to read so I will omit those items.

Here are some of the things I need to focus on:

  • My food.  Eating mindfully, enjoying it.  How do I feel before I eat, while I eat, and after I finish.
  • Digestive reactions
  • Hair, skin, nail reactions
  • Mood reactions
  • Detox symptoms:  Mood, headaches, boating and gas, lethargy, body aches

I went grocery shopping last night.  Got most of the list but had to order some stuff:

  • Maca Greens Powder (shakes)
  • Macro Greens Miracle Greens Powder (shakes)
  • Vegan Protein (for shakes)
  • Good Earth Herbal Tea
  • Liquid Stevia

I will have to get by with some alternatives until that comes in.  I will look for smaller quantities of these things at Plum Market in MI this weekend.  I wanted to choose the brands that were recommended to me and Whole Foods didn’t have them.  When drinking greens especially, they never really taste good to me so I may as well have the recommended stuff.  Also, I am going to make my own bread.   The Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Whole Grain mix I bought calls for eggs, so to make it vegan I have to grind 1 Tbs Flax Seed and mix that with 2 Tbsp of water to equal one egg or use egg replacement.  I am going to use the flax first and see how that is.

Last night, $188.00 later, I unloaded my organic raw nuts, organic dried beans and grains, my veggies, etc and made Raw Mexican Rice for lunch today.

Melissa recommended vegan and gluten free recipes from her site, Whole Foods, Bob’s Red Mill and for me to search online.  I went through my packet, a lot of my old raw foods hunting grounds, and my aunt’s blog to gather up the ones I will start with.

Why am I dropping things:

  1. Caffeine:   I halfheartedly kicked this addiction back when I dropped soda.  Soda stuck, the coffee not so much.  I fall back into it at family events and when it first gets cold out in the fall.  I dropped it at Christmas pretty cold turkey but replaced it with Green Tea and generated a 3-5 cup a day (workdays only) habit.  Well that ended yesterday.  With this cleanse I am kicking caffeine to the curb and not looking back.  I can drink de-caf green tea, and am finding some good herbals to substitute with over the next 30 days.  Caffeine raises blood sugar, and increases adrenaline putting the body in a state of defense.  This protection causes the body to retain fat, especially organ fats.  ICK.  I can do without.
  2. Alcohol:  Ok, this one is tougher.  This raises blood sugars, too, and depletes serotonin levels.  I will do some soul searching on this one as to whether or not I move back to it.  Red wine will be a tough thing for me to give up completely.
  3. Sugar:  Causes inflammation in the joints (hello, knee) and digestive tract, puts the body into an acid state.  I have found a way to eliminate a lot of sugar.  This month will be the test for me to try to not go back to anything other than fruit sugar.
  4. Gluten:  Ok, this stuff is just nasty glue.  This sole ingredient elimination could change my life. Most of my issues, digestive-ly speaking, are due to improper absorption in my colon.  Hello Gluten-Free!  If this makes me feel better I am kicking gluten as best I can for GOOD!
  5. Animal Products (Meat, Dairy, and Eggs):  No fiber, full of saturated fat, takes body 3 times more energy and time to digest, proteins are hard to assimilate… this makes me sick to think about.  I have LONG wanted to stop eating meat.  This should be a easy change.  The rest is all a wait and see.  I think I can be 50-75% Vegan and 30-40% raw after this cleanse, but it will be eggs and cheese that I will want to go back to… not meat.

I am not to count calories (which will be hard with the bugg) but I am to journal my food.  I am going to journal my food here, then later, after the cleanse, maybe figure out the calories.  If I start to gain weight I may change my mind but I don’t think that will happen.

When I look back I should be able to read about how I was feeling pre-during-and post-meal.   I should know about my headaches, fatigues, gas, and bloating (I won’t share that here) and my sleep patterns.  She said I should be sleeping through the night by the end.  What a miracle that would be!

I am willing to step outside my box and create new limits for myself.

I will use this time to learn and grow, take in as much as possible, and create a new awareness about myself and my body.


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One Response to Vegan Cleanse Overview

  1. Retired woman says:

    You are going way beyond anything I have considered and I give you reps for it.. I have recently started trying to actually THINK as I am eating and stopping to enjoy the taste, not merely chew and swallow. It is a nice experience. I have been trying to be “present” in the moment more generally for the past couple of years. Also, a good experience. I really enjoyed reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, it made a big difference in my thinking.

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