A New Feeling

Well, here it is March 7, 2010 and well into the new decade.  Reading back to January posts, I am well on my way in some of the changes I wanted to make, but I still have a long road ahead in others.

The healthier lifestyle plan seems to be working.  Even the old man has joined in.  This is nice, because it is a hell of a lot easier to cook and eat healthy when your spouse is doing so also.  It is also easier to go down to the basement at night to work out when he is also working out. Can I do it without him, yes, but would it be harder?  YES!

I am past the magic 21 days of eating healthier (21 days make a habit?) and seem to be rolling along well.   I have decided that eating healthier is far more than an act of will… it is something you have to plan in advance for, never leave the house unprepared, and carry a lot of food with you so you don’t blow it because you are starving.  I am settling into a rhythm with this and have achieved success because of it.  I know I just have to maintain it.

Eating out is better now, too, ’cause the old man is helping.  There are not bad food orders hitting the table and staring at me in a come-hither-sort-of-way.  He is more conscious of how many calories are in the fried calamari and is more willing to order the peel-and-eat shrimp.  He has helped me through some weak times by being stong, and visa-versa.  I needed this.  In the past it was too easy for me to make an excuse when he ordered a pizza.  Now that we are finding the pizza alternative together it is helping so much.

Wine is still my downfall… I had a glass last night.  I had one glass in Feb also, so I decided I will allow myself one glass a month instead of cutting it out completely until I reach my goal.  I enjoy it much more now because I drink it slowly and savor every drop, and I counter it with extra water so that it has less negative effects on my efforts.

The Bodybugg is now a habit.  I have figured out how to work my day to achieve my burn.  That will always be changing as I lose, but I feel more control over my life and my body now than ever before.  I love it!  I have already been trying to figure out how I will make it through my trip to Barcelona without being able to upload!!!

P90X (Lean right now) is now an obsession.  Today marks day 20 of the Lean Program (no plyo), one more day until my “Rest Week”.  I was able to modify my workouts for our trip, and took the disks along and kept pushing play while we were gone.  I feel like I have made it a part of my routine, and I actually look forward to it, even though I hate it.  As Tony Horton says, “I hate it, but I love it”.  The impact it is having is more profound than any workout program I have ever tried.  Things I couldn’t do after triathlon training last spring for 3 months I am able to do after 3 weeks of this program.  I am still having to modify some of the moves because of my knee but I am making modifications that work and I can really feel the difference in my body.  I can’t wait to take the 30 day measurements and pictures and see how things have progressed.

I am still doing Turbo Jam for cardio, and I still love it.  I started the new Cardio Party 3 this weekend (it’s a longer workout than 1 and 2) and it’s the most fun.  It jacks with my knee a little though, so I had to do some modifications.  I sure hope that as I lose I can get that knee under control.  I remember times when it didn’t bother me so much, but I was a LOT lighter than I am now.  I really want to get down there and move past the pain.  I cannot imagine doing what I am doing off of Celebrex, but I sure hope I can get off of it at some point because I no longer need it.  That and the blood pressure meds.  I HATE TAKING DRUGS EVERY DAY!!!!!

It’s nice to be where I am at.  I hope this blog post can help me in the future when I have a bad day, ’cause it is so worth fighting through those to get to a good one… and today, well, it’s a GOOD DAY!


About amkaz

A Virtual Assistant is a highly trained and skilled administrative professional who works in a collaborative partnership with successful small business owners and entrepreneurs providing administrative support and personal concierge services, without having to be physically present in your office. Communication and collaboration is easily accomplished through phone, fax, e-mail, and the internet. True assistance is no longer bound by geography or nine to five, Monday through Friday business hours. I am an accomplished and versatile professional with 10 years management and entrepreneurial experience in retail sales, buying, and store operations and another 8 years experience with office operations management within the banking and merchant payment processing industry. I am a determined individual who consistently achieves desired results in challenging environments while building and maintaining strong relationships with clients and colleagues. My areas of expertise include document creation and management, process improvement, organization, and coordinating classes, meetings and events. Contact me for more information about how I can help you grow your business! Mission Statement: My mission is to create time, opportunity, and results by delivering the highest level of administrative services with integrity, diligence, and responsiveness. I am not successful unless my clients are administratively successful.
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2 Responses to A New Feeling

  1. Keep it up! I’m working on P90X doubles and it’s going well so far. You seem to do a lot of cardio…awesome!

    • amkaz says:

      Thanks, I’ll check out your blog, too. I can’t wait until I am strong enough to do doubles! I do a lot of cardio ’cause my goal is 19% body fat and I have a long way to go! Thanks for reading!

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