Day 1 P90X Lean

Yesterday represented the beginning of week 3 on the bugg, the start of week 2 of being able to actually work out again, and marked about the 92 day mark on my trip to Spain… so I made some decisions.

When I started P90X in July of last year my knee wasn’t happy so I quit.  When I looked at making an effort to get that fit once again, I realized that the knee problem would only be worse so I really needed to get my eating, drinking, and cardio into play before I gave that series another try.  I told the husband, maybe I could be at a place that made me comfortable by 4/1. Then I could go all out and go for that P90X goal.  Yes, I would be taking a week off to go to Europe in the middle of it which would affect my results, but if I wait to start it I can probably do more with it.

Sunday, he was watching the P90X informercial and the questions started.  How many disks are there?  How do you know which disk to do which day?  What is the nutrition plan like?  As we watched the group of people on the infomercial I had a new found desire to try it again.  Some of those people were less fit than I am at this stage and THEY did it.  They just did what they could until they got stronger and leaner and could do more.

I twittered my Beachbody coach, Dave, and asked him.  He told me if I could do Turbo Jam videos I could probably handle the cardio in P90X.

I have this issue that I need to overcome.  I make things in my life harder because I decide that if I cannot do it 100%, or perfectly, or even TRY to be perfect, I don’t do it, I procrastinate and put it off until I can give it 100% which is never.  That is why I am was putting off P90X.

So yesterday I worked out that if I started YESTERDAY, that I would finish the 90 days the Sunday before I left for Spain.  I would have a lot going for me:

  • I am already 2 weeks into the eating plan and I have it down to a science.  Even people at work now know when I need to eat!  🙂
  • I already stopped drinking.
  • I have dropped some bodyfat and feel much stronger, so I am not starting fresh turkey or anything.
  • I am already trying to work out 3 times a day, so I just replace one of those workouts with the P90X workout and go from there.  If I can’t do it all no sweat, just do what I can.
  • The 90 days would end and I would take a break and go on vacation… so I have a lot of incentive to make that 90 days pay off, and a reward built in at the end (I seem to like rewards and I need to come up with more NON-FOOD rewards for myself).
  • My husband is trying to eat healthy so there are less temptations around and less requests to go out for pizza or drinks.
  • Maybe if he sees me doing P90X and he has shown an interest in it, we can end up doing it together (SWOON).

So Yesterday I started.  Just went home, threw in the Core Synergistics video and off I went.  Could I do the whole thing, no.  Will I be able to in 90 days?  We shall see.  It is like one giant push-up festival.  I can’t do very many push-ups on my knees and I can’t do ANY on my feet, but I never will if I don’t try.  It hit my burn goal of 2509 yesterday by 8:00 PM.  Considering The Biggest Loser contestants have burn goals near 6,000 that is not a lot, but I also have a job, a business, and I am not at the ranch able to workout 24 hours a day.  I still don’t like Superman-Banana, but I can at least handle it after 4 weeks of Turbo Jam twisting, so I was happy.  My burn rate was low by comparison to TJ, but it was my third workout yesterday AND that disc is not really cardio, so I will see how my burn is tonight after CardioX.

I will NOT be blogging daily or weekly about P90X, this blog is more about my journey as a whole than the nitty gritty details, but I thought I would mention that I was doing it.  I will check in on day 30 (March 17), day 60 (April 16), and day 90 (May 16) and let you know how things are going for me.  If all goes well I will do the standard P90x starting after my Triathlon on 6/20.  Maybe if the hubby likes my results we can do that 90 days together.  Working out with someone blows away doing it alone.

Is it wrong to want a butt like this?  If I can do it at 32 I can do it at 40!  This butt is 42!

Goal Butt


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