Bodybugg Week One

Progress Feb 8 2010

Progress 2/8/2010

I am trying REALLY hard not to get excited about this new toy/tool.  I need to get grounded, I hope this blogging will help me focus on that.

Basically, I have been a yo-yo weight wise my whole life.  No one would have EVER called me skinny, although I did get to my lightest in 2000-2002.  What have I tried?

  • Nurtisystem
  • Weight Watchers
  • e-Diets delivery food
  • Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating
  • Metabolife
  • Hydroxy-cut
  • Hoodia

I have always been “bigger-boned” and “athletic” but lets face it. I like to eat.  I have an affinity to cheese, butter, pasta with cream sauces, breads/baked goods of any kind, and butter.  Did I say butter?  I love to cook, but I find myself cooking with butter, whole milk products, and sauces, because that is how I like to eat.  I like sour cream in my chili, cream in my red sauce AND my coffee.  It is my downfall.

Now, LOTS of people LIKE that stuff but choose not to eat it.  Or they eat it in moderation.  I do realize that.  I am not ALONE in the craving for a hunk of cheese or a big loaf of crusty bread with butter.  I just don’t STOP.

The times in my life that I felt most in control of my health, weight, and SELF were when I was monitoring my activity and food.  The packaged food is great for portion control, so it was easy for me… but it is either too expensive, too gross, or has too much sodium (my blood pressure goes bananas) so I never stick to it.  I don’t like having to weigh and measure all the time.  I am busy and I need to be able to eat without thinking about food all the time.

After using a food journal last year while I trained for my first sprint-distance triathlon, I noticed my other “issue”.   When I work out like crazy, I feel like I can eat more.  This is not a good combination for me.  It never works.  So there I was in December, 6 months post triathlon, 27 pounds UP AGAIN.  The same 27 pounds I lost from Jan-June in 2009 TRAINING for the thing.  I was facing 40 wondering if I was going to gain and lose the same 20-30 pounds over and over again for the rest of my life.   I want it to stop NOW.  I am going to do everything I know how to do to MAKE IT STOP NOW.

Work, social activities, life seems to pull in so many directions the first thing I give up are my workouts.  After-all, those are all about me, it would be selfish to keep time to myself when something/someone else needs attention.  The reality is (while that is a factor) I don’t LOVE exercise, so OF COURSE I let that be first to slide.  THIS I HAVE TO STOP.

Next, I rationalize the second glass of wine, the bite or five of a shared dessert, the pasta instead of the fish, etc, etc… when I am exercising (okay, even when I am NOT exercising).  I skip that day of food journaling because I just DON’T WANT TO KNOW how bad I did.  This also HAS TO STOP.  I am only lying to and harming myself.

I need to log everything I put in my mouth and everything I do, and I need to have a calorie deficit every day to make this work.  I need to have a calorie deficit of 3500 a week to lose one pound a week.  I need a deficit of 5,250 to lose 1.5 pounds a week and I need to MOVE 7,000 cal more a week if I want to drop two pounds.  YEEEEEEEEEESH that is a lot of calculations.  I need to also have a life.  So I started doing research.

That’s when I heard about the Bodybugg.  I don’t watch The Biggest Loser all the time.  If it is on I might check in to see what is going on, but I dont follow the program other than to know those people lose a crap-load of weight, but they should… it is their only job all day every day, and they have trainers and the tools to do it!  I always told Chris, “If I had that kind of time, and those tools, I would be in the best shape of my life.”

So what tools do they have?  Great trainers to push them BUT THEY STILL HAVE TO DO THE WORK.  Twenty-four hour a day gym, but they still have to get off the couch and go use it.  People all around them in the same situation, but also with the same bad habits that got them heavy in the first place.  They still have to eat right, do the work, log the food, track their burn rate, and LOSE THE WEIGHT.  They had the Bodybugg.  This little tool that helps monitor how your body burns calories and activity…. steps, heart rate, etc.  It uploads to a system that a bodybugg trainer monitors and helps you track your progress and make your changes.  Yes, you still have to log your food, but the system does the nutrition ratios for you based on your portion sizes (like Weight Watchers).

It was between join a gym or get the bugg, so I got the bugg.

I put it on a week ago, and it took some adjusting.  I had to learn what to do and what not to do.  Like I cannot wear it in the car AT ALL.  My ride is too bumpy and it counts steps (my pedometer used to also so I was pretty ready for this).  So it comes off in the car.  I also had a REAL WAKE-UP CALL the first 3-4 days.  I assumed I burned the calories that the cardio EQ said I did when I was on it.  Um, no.  Those things are wrong by more than you might think.  Like DOUBLE.  When a machine says you are burning 500 cal an hour, suck it up and get ready cause it is more like 300.

I felt like by day 3 I had my body more figured out than I have for 40 years, and I am still learning.  What a wealth of knowledge.  Like I burn at a higher rate SLEEPING than I do sitting here typing this blog.  But if I STAND to type the blog I burn more.  I also don’t hold a burn rate long after a workout.  You would think since I get winded doing stairs that I would, but I don’t.  My body cools down FAST.  So I need to not do hour long workouts once a day, but 20 minute workouts 3 times a day.  I also learned that I burn 3 times as many calories cleaning than I thought I did.  Boy is Chris going to be happy.  I went to work for my mom on Sunday and cleaned for 3 hours in between workouts.  It was the highest burn rate I was able to achieve in the ENTIRE WEEK even with 3 time a day workouts.

This tool does 3 things

  1. It makes it a fun challenge to try to get your calories burned as high as possible.  I watch it.  Where was I yesterday at this time?  Am I ahead or behind?  What burns the most?  Crap, it’s time to get up and file or run paperwork to someone, I have been sitting too long.  For example right now I am at 854 cal for the day.  I only did 20 min of aerobics this AM because of the snowy commute, so I am now behind 100 cal from yesterday.  I need to find a way to burn 100 more doing something else later, or I won’t reach my daily goal of 2250.
  2. I can better ensure I have a deficit, because without taking the time to sit and calc out each activities “possible” burn rate and adding every friggin thing up throughout the day, I can now just look at my watch and it tells me where I am at.  Yes, it is only accurate up to 90% but who am I kidding, I was NEVER that accurate, and my waist-line shows it.
  3. You keep in on 23 hours a day, so it is a constant reminder to be good.  Its not a once a week Weight Watchers meeting (and those work) but an every second it is on my arm reminder that I need to burn more than I consume.  It has made me see a tablespoon of butter in a whole new light.  The “I just kicked my own ass for 30 minutes on the stair climber and I am not eating butter anymore” light.

So I have a LONG way to go.  This is week one of the rest of my life.  BUT I lost 2.5 pounds because I maintained a deficit and that was due to a lot of hard work and finally having a simple, fast way to track it and really ensure I am on goal.  I feel like I have a coach on my arm that never leaves me that constantly helps me focus, think, and make a better decision for my health.

I don’t expect to lose 2.5 pounds every week but I feel like I have a chance of ALWAYS LOSING when I have this thing on.

I bought it thinking “I’ll lose the weight and sell it on eBay for half what I paid and make some $ back” but this thing is with me for life now.  If it can help me lose it will be there for me when I hit my goal to maintain.  It is my new life-partner and I love it.

We’ll see how I feel next week.  My goal?  7,000 cal deficit.  That’s two pounds.  It will be no small feat, either, since we drive to MI on Friday and back to IL on Sunday, that’s a 12 hour car ride sitting on my butt.


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